How to write audio from multiple buffers OR join multiple buffers into one?


I have a bunch of audio saved across 80+ short (~3s) buffers in a single mubu container. The data in each buffer is in a track named “offline_scaling”.

I’m trying to figure out how to either save all the buffers as individual .wav files, or just append all the buffers within a single, new buffer+track in the container.

I tried sending the message

writeall @track offline_scaling

Which returns the error: “cannot write data of multiple tracks into audio file.” The documentation says this should work though, no?

I also tried combining them by sending the test message:

join offline_scaling offline_scaling offline_scaling @name NEW @bufferindex 1 2 3

This just creates an empty track called NEW.

I’ve tried variations of each message, but to no avail. Apologies if this is a simple question, but do you have any thoughts?

Full patch here.


Hi Ian,
sorry for the delay.
You can use the message writealltracks. As explained in mubu help:
“this message writes tracks content in files, one for each track, in given folder. The file names are prefixed with file name if given (or the container name). The file type is defined with the given file extention (txt is the default)”. But… the message is bugged in the current release. So you can download a fixed version of mubu (just for a week… sorry) from this link:

Best regards