How to share a WS within multiple Xs?


What about if one, two or more share the same workspace as a server thru different x windows ?
if I run openmusic on a linuxbox and connect to it thru ssh from another station (could be a mac), it seems that the change(s) I do from remote are not displayed on local openmusic even if I save the “remote” ws (which should be shared) and change the view mode in local to refresh the view.
So that it seems that the same workspace is not the same when run multiple instances of om (actually 6.15 ubuntu) using the same ws.
20:53:00|fred@frog ~$ ps aux |grep openmusic
fred 21303 2.0 1.7 8072220 143728 tty2 Sl+ 20:01 1:04 openmusic
fred 23461 2.0 1.7 8058976 141988 pts/10 Sl+ 20:42 0:12 openmusic


If two intances of OM use the same workspace, then the last one to save a given patch will make the definitive change. If you want to “see” the changes on another instance of OM reading the same workspace, you need to do a “Last saved” (menu “File”) to reload what is actually stored on the disk.