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How to remove a minus symbol before a number RESOVLED

Hi, I have a question: how to remove a minus symbol before a number.
For example -6 → 6.

I found one solution using LISP Apply. I applied the minus symbol in the first input.

All the best, Dagfinn

Here you are my friend:


Dear Karim, thanks a lot my friend! Here what I’m trying out. Modus Quaternion within position mapping. A new more elegant version.
DK Modus Quaternion Harmonic Skins and Position Mapping.omp (28.7 KB)

Best, Dagfinn

Hi! I found out that the MQ patch wasn’t correct. Now it is.
dk modus quaternion harmonic skins and position mapping UPDATED 03-08-2023.omp (35.2 KB)

Greetings from Nerskogen (Rennebu) in Norway in 817 meters hight, where some great friends have borrowed us this large ‘cottage.’ It is a house actually. Perfect working conditions 444 km north of Oslo.

All the best, Dagfinn


Will take a look on the patch promise.


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