How to map ToscA

Hi there,
any ToscA expert here? I’ve two questions:

  1. Can one plug-in deal with different OSC parameters or do I have to insert one plug-in for each OSC parameter in the same DAW track? So can I send/receive for

    etc. in one Plug-in?

  2. What is the syntax I have to put in the mapping file to transmit/receive ‘Send_001/0/y’ etc.?

Thanks for any inspiration or solution.


Hi Tom,

  1. One plugin can handle up to 32 parameters
  2. You would need something like :

< tosca prefix="/Send_001" >
< parameter index=“1” name=“x” min="-10" max=“10” scaling=“linear” />
< parameter index=“2” name=“y” min="-10" max=“10” scaling=“linear” />
< /tosca >

This will send messages like :


However, the pluginID is always >= 1. (cannot be 0)

  1. ToscA is getting deprecated and I encourage to transition to its successor OSCar.


Hi T.,

…ah I think I understand. Can I have a mapping file per plug-in with different prefixes? If so, in the current string, the ID is finaly a problem. Can I skip it? So the string is:

< tosca prefix="/Send_001" >
< parameter name=“x” min="-10" max=“10” scaling=“linear” />
< parameter name=“y” min="-10" max=“10” scaling=“linear” />
< /tosca >

If not, do you have an idea to get finally the string I mentioned?

Thanks for the recommendation of oscar. I will try it.


You can only have one single mapping file. It is shared for all plugin instances.
Also you cannot skip the ID. It’s always used.

OSCar is more flexible in that regard : you could skip the plugin ID, and build the messages you want.

Otherwise, you would have to use a “bridge” between the DAW (and ToscA/OSCar) and the final destination. For instance, it’s rather simple to build a Max patch that translates the OSC messages from ToscA/OSCar.


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Ok, thanks a lot. I will check oscar an will see what is possible.
But it is possible to use separate mapping files per plug-in? It’s because manageing the prefix;)