How to look up error message numbers


I am getting error messages that reference functions that have different arguments than expected. The functions are referenced by a number that begins with ‘g’, i.e. g16646. It is hard to figure out which element has the problem. Is there any way to look up the g-numbers to see what is having the problem?


Hi windfromwest.

by a number that begins with ‘g’, i.e. g16646

These are 'gensym’s, which are auto-generated symbols, typically created at read or run-time, and thus not possible to lookup without running interpreted code inside a debugger. They are used a lot in complex Lisp programs.

Please provide more info, traces, logs, reproducible minimal test-cases etc.



These functions named after gensym’s are most probably patches that are internally compiled to Lisp functions by OM evaluation mechanisms.

It is possible that some changes of inputs are not taken into account correctly (e.g. if the number of inputs of a patch has been changed and the corresponding function was not updated for some reason). Usually this can get solved by opening the patch, moving something in it (so as to flag it as “to be recompiled”) and closing the window…