How to import data from Excel

What is the easiest way to import data from Excel? Using a .csv/… file that is read in OM?

export as html -> open in browser -> save as txt -> open with textfile object in OM


I have just created a Library for that… By now it is only useful to import numerical data from a csv (like those exported by SonicVisualiser). In the future I want to make it more usefull, importing/exporting other data types.

You’ll find it here:



Thank you very much, I can cofirm it perfectly runs on Linux, Fedora 28, OM version: OM-6.15-2-Linux_Fedora_29.

Later I will test on OsX 10.8.5, of course I am sure it will runs good. This library will be very useful if I am going to repeat a music performance analysis course I had last year, using Sonic Visualizer for analyzing performance recordings. With your function I can be more rapid in statistics on csv data.

Thank you again, ciao


Hi zepadovani,

Thank you, that’s such a great project and contribution. I’ll definitely follow its development.

All the best,

I’m glad it is useful for you! I just noticed I can import with double-float precision. I will make some changes in the code and will upload a new version soon!


just made some changes in the lib and now you can specify rows and columns (optional args) to be read as strings. May be usefull to load csv files that have headers or specific columns with strings.