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How to export to musicxml using Orchidea command line tools?

First, it is great to have such a tool as Orchidea! I’m grateful.

I am not a Max user and also think the standalone version of Orchidea is not stable enough.
I am using the command line tools. However, I don’t know exactly how to handle the output file (connection.txt). Is it possible to export to musicxml directly through the orchestrate script?

Thank you!

Max package uses Bach library to convert “connection” to other formats. Orchestrate script doesn’t do that.


What are you talking about ? Orchidea is not a software but an ecosystem…

I don’t know about the orchidea CMD line tool.

For the standalones : Orchidea or MaxOrch ?



PS : For MaxOrch, go here

As Jerome mentions, MaxOrch (our front end for the Orchidea Max objects) does indeed have the capability of exporting the connection to musicxml.

We have released MaxOrch as a standalone as well as a Max patch. Since you’re not a Max user you might check out the standalone (MaxOrch.app). It does use bach, but since it’s a standalone you don’t need to install anything (except the Orchidea database, but I assume you already have that).

The documentation is in development, but I can give you a quick workflow for generating musicxml:

  1. Follow steps 1-4 on the left side of the screen,
  2. Click the View Score button to open the score window,
  3. The top of this window shows the bach roll (no barlines) - scroll down to see the bach score,
  4. On the left, set the time signature and tempo,
  5. Click the Set Score button,
  6. Adjust as you see fit,
  7. From the Export As… dropdown select MusicXML.

That should do it! Let us know if you have questions!

I should add that MaxOrch is currently Mac only. but you’re asking about the command line tools, so I assume you’re on Mac.

Dear Jérôme and Per,
Sorry, I don’t know why I have not seen your answers before I posted my reply here.

That is great! I was not aware of MaxOrch.
Now I can export directly to LilyPond!
I have everything I need.

Thank you very much!


P.S: The site orch-idea.org could include a link to MaxOrch.