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How to define key, approx in export-musicxml?

Hello friends,

  1. how to get more inputs in export-musicxml?
    2.how to define multiple staves? e.g. G F or G^8 G F F8va. in export-musicxml?
    thanks !
    best regards

Dear Shing-kwei,

As for all functions and method with optional inputs you should type: >
and you will have all optional inputs.
See: http://support.ircam.fr/docs/om/om6-manual/co/AdditionalInputs.html


Cher Karim, I got the optional inputs, thanks!
Furthermore how to define multiple staves in Lisp? e.g. G^8 G F F8va. in the second input ? thanks!
best Shing-kwei

Dear Shing-Kwei

Unfortunately, you cannot define multiple staves for a voice. In OM a voice is one staff even if we can display it in multiple staves. It is only graphic. So you will need to do this “by hand” once you have exported your voices, or explicitly split your voice in n-voices and export it as a poly.