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How to combine OSC messages for bundle?

Greetings ! I’m experimenting with OpenMusic, OSC, and VCV Rack. Messaging has been successful, but I have a question about formatting a particular kind of OSC message. I have two message generators that use the LISP List operator, one of which creates a message like this:

("/trowacv/ch/1" 1.0)

the other creates a message like this:

("/trowacv/ch/2" 2.0)

I want to combine the two messages in a bundle formatted like this:

(("/trowacv/ch/1" 1.0) ("/trowacv/ch/2" 2.0))

for use with OSC-Send. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to do it. Using x-append creates the following message:

("/trowacv/ch/1" 1.0 “/trowacv/ch/2” 2.0)

which gets me close but not close enough. Can someone suggest a simple solution ?

Thanks in advance !

Dave Phillips

Hi Dave,

I am not well experienced with osc messages. But it seems if you use instead the list standard fucntion, (it can have n inputs) you will have a list of list instead of a “flattened” one. Hope this helps.


Hi Karim !

Thank you, it was that simple. :slight_smile: