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How to built a crescendo on OM

Has anyone developed high level tools to manage continuous Midi data via Control changes in OM ? For example, I would like to design a crescendo whose volume (via ctrl 7 or 11 ?) would vary from 50 to 120 on a pitch of any fixed duration, without having to repeat the same pitch on growing values. As I already do with keyswitches to pilote Kontakt output, my goal would be to activate this mechanism inside a Voice object. I just read that Jean Bresson had answered this question in 2015, but maybe since then someone has developed patches that I could use as template.
Thank you in advance.

Hi Philippe. I don’t know exactly what was my answer in 2015 :slight_smile: but I would suggest here to use the MIDIControl object. This is an extended version of the BPF object where you can assign a MIDI control number and MIDI channel(s), which can be played along with score objects in a maquette, for instance.

There is an example on this page of the OM User Manual:

Dear Jean, This is actually the same type of answer that you made in 2015. I have already studied this part of the documentation but this solution does not really suit me because of the passage through a maquette, so far from my way of working with OM. What would be great would be to have tools to link directly MIDI data to score objects (chord, voice, etc.). The dream would be for example to assign a crescendo on slot (or paramter) via a special coding. I know that it is impossible in the current state of development of OM but I imagine that such a possibility would be appreciated among users if some developments could be planned in the future in this direction …

Ok, yes I understand. You’re right OM has not very convenient tool for doing that, sorry !