How can I separate different parameters from import-musicxml


The “import-musicxml” has to be connected to the self instance of a Poly Object. My question is, how can I isolate pitch and rhythms. The time signatures can be extracted using “get-signatures” connected directly to the “import-musicxml” output or from the self instance of the Poly Object.

Best, Dagfinn



If I understand good, the second output of Poly Object gives you a list of Poly Voices, so you can use that for extracting the Voices and successively pitches and rhythms.




Hi Fabio, thanks a lot for your help! It also helped me to find a way to separate individual rhythms using mono2poly from your excellent library.

Best, Dagfinn

Extract rhythm from a Poly Object…omp (70.2 KB)
fdsdb_isolate parts mono2poly.omp (54.1 KB)

Richard III Monologue v.2 - 02_Baritone - Flow 1.xml (40.1 KB)