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Help recreating Modalisp Jet/Labium in Mlys


I’m trying to recreate a simple Jet/Labium connection on an open tube within Max from a Modalisp code. The Modalisp code is made from the examples found in the documentation for jet/labium. I recreated the code in Max and when I try to send a Jet@air-pressure $1 message to the modalys~, the instrument clicks (as low as air-pressure 0.003) and dies off. Can anyone tell me why the max patch doesn’t work like the Lisp code?


MlysJetLabiumOpenTube.maxpat (10.8 KB)

JetLabiumOpenTube (868 Bytes)


Here is a working example. You have to tune the tube with @pitch. And you notice that sometime you need to amplify a lot the modalys object outputs to hear a result…


labium_max.maxpat (14.0 KB)