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Help please, package installation > beguiner

Hello, I’ve just downloaded OM 6.15 (for Mac Mojave). But it seems that it’s missing some default packages that should come with the installer. I’m searching for it, but I don’t find it.
Is there somebody that could telle me if I need to instal a package for some global utilities?

Hi Virgil,

Please download the latest version 6.17 here:


Hello Karim,

regarding the download, I have been trying the whole day to download OM6.17, so far managed only about 5MB, since it goes VERY slow, like 3KB/sec with spikes at ca.50KB/sec.

Is this a known issue? (My internet is good, doing other things today at normal speed)


Hi Marco,

Very weird. I tried now it downloaded instantly. It could be that there are some issues on your side? It’s from Github, so it should work. Maybe try again. And report back please.


Hi again,

tried with all the available browsers, tried with my PC (Lan). Same problem.

Other downloads (from other sites) are working as usual.

No idea.

Which version are u trying to donwload ?
What operating system you are using?


tried 6.16, same thing

the mac one, to be precise

I tried all version here (i am on linux) and everything’s donwloading fine.
Do you use any firewalls or antivirus ?

On the PC I use Avast,
on the mac I do not

ops, firewall on on MAC

ok, firewall off, no changes to the speed

Ok, now you are downloading from mac? the mac version?
If it is the case, i might say it could be your provider. Are you using an institution network?
Maybe they are blocking this. Because you are the first person to have this problem.
If you want me to send you the installer, i need your email. (send it in private message)

Thanks Karim, sent you an email to your ircam.fr address