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Hello World::If_There_Anybody() = Thrue; Solution How_to_publish_a_Patch(Patch*)

Are there anybody ???

Excuse me, this is a test:
You will help me gracefully when you send a short reply.
To do this send esay “Hello here anybody”.

It would be great,


:laughing: :grin: :laughing:

test but it must work, no ?

Hello dear smalllotus,

Thank you !!!

Heave you any idea how I will upload my “Workspace” / Patches to this System,
Or gives it anywhere a Manual, to read what is to do to get it.


Hi @creco,

Have you read this: https://forum.ircam.fr/article/detail/comment-creer-un-projet/ ?
Simply create a project as you did and upload your contribution as a “release”.
Please document as much as you can in the readme section:
What is it ? What for ? How to install ? How to use ? What is expected ?..

Happy sharing