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Head tracking / binaural monitoring rotation

Hi Thibaud,
I’m experimenting head tracking with binaural in Panoramix (with Waves NX from which I get the OSC).
I know I can rotate individual busses, so as long as I’m using just one bus it’s ok. But when I have multiple busses, for example because I need more than one reverb at the same time, what should I do? I guess I could send the same rotation to all the busses I’m using, but wouldn’t it make more sense to be able to rotate just the binaural monitoring, so that everything rotates at the same time? Can I do that?
Thank you,
Simone Arganini

Yes you can.


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Thanks! I was misleaded by the fact that listener orientation is not part of the monitoring strip GUI, since it is for busses. Is there specific reason why it isn’t displayed? It would be nice if it was, for monitoring purposes or to change it manually.

No specific reason (besides my laziness).
There’s a number of parameters that are accessible only via OSC, but not currently displayed in the GUI…

Anyway, yes, I will add the listener orientation dials in the GUI for the next releases.


Great! And how about binaural busses? I’m trying to rotate one using the syntax that works with HOA busses, like /bus/1/yaw $1, but it doesn’t rotate. I have multiple listeners at the same time, each one with a head tracker, so I can’t use the monitoring bus, because it’s just one.

I’m also wondering, if I have many sources, is it more cpu intensive to rotate a binaural bus compared to rotate a HOA bus?

The syntax is /bus/1/listener/yaw $1

Depends on how many sources, and the order of the HOA bus.

But most often it is more efficient to rotate an HOA bus rather than rotate native binaural processor.