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HarmonicMultiSpectrum and HarmonicModel

in pipo.ircamdescriptor.maxhelp, in the tabs “offline” and “real-time”,
and in the patch camu.ircamdescriptor-menu.maxpat:

in the patcher Harmonic Desciptors,
there is a descriptor called HarmonicMultiSpectrum,
and a descriptor called HarmonicModel (hidden from view).

Since they are not amongst the checkboxes in camu.ircamdescriptor-menu.maxpat, are these descriptors deprecated?
If not, what do these descriptors do?

The HarmonicMultiSpectrum gives you the NumHarmonics first harmonic amplitudes.
The HarmonicModel is for internal use only, as far as I remember.
I think they’re not in the idesc menu because Aaron didn’t find them useful for his initial use case (environmental sounds).

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