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Handling of objects in a maquette

Two small bugs that have nothing to do with OM 7.0,
but might be easy to fix:

  1. if you have an object (f.ex. a chord-seq) in a maquette
    and change the “pos y” in the Info box, the offset often does not remain stable, but shifts by a few milliseconds (after closing and reopening the box). Can this be corrected?

  2. The copy-paste of numbers in the infoboxes of the maquette works now wonderfully (thanks Karim!). Could the command “cmd-a” be activated so that the number you want to copy is selected immediately? At the moment this does not work.

Best regards, Arnulf

Dear Arnulf,

Thank you for reporting the #1 issue. Yes indeed, it is not correct. I will look into this.
As for #2, i didn’t get the cmd+a shortcut. Usually it is for select all. Can you be more specific about it please?


Dear Karim,

thank you so much!

#2: It’s no big issue, just a matter of speed in the working-process and we can skip this if necessary.

Nevertheless I’ll try to explain:

In a maquette:

  1. cmd-i to open an info-box.
  2. click into the offset-box:
    after doing this: it’s not possible to select the number in the offset-box via cmd-a.
    Several versions ago this was possible. (Now we are to select it via double-click.
    I just try to avoid working with the mouse as much as possible).

Am I accurate enough? If not: #1 is much more important for me and we can forget about #2.
Thank you very much for your kind help in advance!

All best, Arnulf

Dear Arnulf,

Thank you for the info.
Concerning #1 issue, here is the fix. There has been indeed a bug a long time ago, and thank you for your sharp observation this has been discovered.

Here is the patch to be put in the init folder (will be corrected in the official release of version 7.1):

fix-280722.lisp (733 Bytes)

Concerning #2 issue, i got what you are asking for. This looks working on linux. I will try to implement it on mac if this is possible.

Will keep you informes ASAP. By the way, i agree totally with you, less we use the mouse, the better it is :slight_smile:

Dear Karim,

thank you very much for the Bugfix! This helps once again a lot.

All best wishes, Arnulf