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Grouping notes

Dear Karim,


Suite du sujet Group a list… :

Well, now, I’ve this :


it used to work since today.

Actually, I would like to use a chord, a list, and having the results in a chord-seq

Hi Jerome,

You have this when and how? can you be more specific?

I have this bug with my MacMini M1 Ventura, the last thing I did is cancelling the preferences file.

I’ve found the process (on my old laptop)


About the bug, it appears when I launch OM, The terminal is open, I have to force to quit…

Dear Jerome,

We are aware of this problem. Just trying to locate it.
Question: Do you use Dropbox application?
Check if you have a dropbox extension

Or did you import your workspace?

I use Dropbox… but I’ve use this WSPC yesterday without troubles…

can you:

  1. deactivate the dropbox extension in the system preferences security& privacy
  2. reboot
  3. launch again the workspace.

now It works when I create a WSPC

I’ve cancelled the preferences file, and it works…

thank you,