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Graphical bug

Hi Karim,

Whenever two or more score class objects are selected with a shift + click command, slots of the same objects are created. It seems this bug lingers on since x om versions… no ?

OM 7.2
OS Mojave

Cf. image caps :

Do you experience the same bug on your machine ?


p.s. I wonder if the title of this topic is not one of your compositions Karim ? :wink:

Dear Nadir,

Please check if your command button is working. In fact this is not a bug:

When shift+drag on a score object or any factory object by the waym (bpf, array, etc.) this will create a slot object in order to modify/access the slot of the given class.

This should not happen with shitf+command, only shift+drag. This was implemented since the creation of OM.


Yes definitely Karim ! My touchpad is very sensitive !

Indeed, I am applying a micro drag effect when handling the multi selection since ages !



…That’s why i don’t use the touchpad, but instead a heavy duty ol’ style trackball :slight_smile:

And I love it, even if it is not as sensitive as your touchpad :-)))


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Well I understand now your super reactivity on the forum :wink:

Thank you Maestro !