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Getting the list of "fundamental parameters" from a db

Hello !

When using, or re-analyzing, “CSOL_tam_tam” or “CSOL_multiphonics”, I cannot easily get the list of “fundamental parameters”; the second needed inlet for ‘orchidea.solve’.
I have difficulties to find them from the db textfile or filenames themselves.

For instance within CSOL_tam_tam.spectrum.db I have:
/Percussion/knitting-needle/middle/ordinario/tt-kn_ndle_mid-f-N.wav followed by data.
Which argument is a fundamental parameter ?

A detail in the “2.DynamicOrchestration.maxpat” tutorial:
The list of “fundamental parameters” starts with “set” and ends with a “bang”.
Is this “bang” useful since “orchidea.solve” is already triggered by the audiofile name on the left input ?
What is the “set” used for ?

Thank you and great job !


I see “fundamental parameters” is called “Orchestra” in the ‘orchidea.solve’ helpfile…
Where is ‘orchidea.solve’ looking for the available instruments in the database ? Is it in the filename, the folder name, or somewhere else ?

For instance, in TinySOL.spectrum.db, one single line is:
/Strings/Va/Va-ord-A3-mf-4c.wav; followed by spectral data.
How does it find “Va” ?

Thanks !


try to check the help for orchidea.db.query


Thank you very much !!