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Get range information from iMuBu?

I’m trying to draw the iMuBu cursor from a remote source in a scatterplot, which, although not documented, seems to work if I pass the message "cursor ". The only issue with this is that you have to know the current range and domain values of your data, which can change depending on your view, or if you point to a different MuBu. I see in the docs that I can use “getdomain”, which will return the domain bounds, which is great, but I don’t see a message that will get me the range, or the visible range. There is an attribute ‘view_bounds’, which would seem to hold the information I need If I have auto_bounds set, but ‘getview_bounds’, doesn’t return the value, which I would expect. Is there any way to query the visible range of an iMuBu?



Hi Matty, in the imubu help there is a tab titled “Get” where you can learn that the message is “getview 1 bounds”.

Ah! Thanks, Diemo! I was looking in the reference for likely names, and getview slipped past me. Note to self: look at reference and helpfile.