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Get a list of all the differences between numbers in original list

Hi all!

might be a dumb question, and I’m not sure if I have formulated correctly…
I was searching for a certain object, of which you could give a list as input, then get a new list of all the absolute differences between numbers of that list,
How can I do that? Or an OM-LOOP must be involved?

thanks in advance!

Hi pieyimusik,

Not at all. There are no dumb questions here :slight_smile:
Well if i got your request as i understood it (?) you need x->dx method. If you need absolute values of the differences BETWEEN the numbers of your list (absolute meaning no negatives) you will need also om-abs.
Just in case, you can also use dx->x (which does the inverse of x->dx) to get your list back, at the condition that your result is not absolute. (cf. below)


thank you su much karim!
just what I needed.
all the best