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Generation of vps by constraints

Hi all,

this paper http://articles.ircam.fr/textes/Stroppa88a/index.pdf mentions generation of vps by input constraints (section 4, example 2). I guess it is not possible with omchroma or am I missing something?
Would omsituation be capable of this? Any pointers to the right tools welcome…


the closest set of tools I know is the “marcolib” OM library (https://github.com/ma-stro/marcolib), with its VPS SYSTEM lisp functions.
Francesco Vitale

Thank you, I didn’t know about that library!

hello all,

is anyone getting the stringdate error when loading the lib?
thanks in advance,

Hi Perti,

Are you talking about marcolib? if yes, i don’t have trouble loading it. However, it seems that it is still unfinished (no functions in the menu). And also maybe you need to have also OMChroma along, since as the author mentions, it is a set of complementary function s for OMCHroma.
If you are having still problems please contact the author.


hello karim,

yes indeed, it was about marcolib. it loads omchroma successfully but after it returns an error about string date not being defined. I checked the sources and it is there. not sure why this happens. will contact the author.
thanks anyway Karim,