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General Methods to puplisch own Patches

General Methods to puplisch own Patches requested ?!?

I have tried to program in OpenMusic. And I find that OpenMusic is a great Programming-System to describe my musical intentions in Code. So it will become great to share my patches with other enthusiasts. And so I will looking to find a Method or a System to share this patches.
It would be great to find a Method or a place for this, in a sense that I have not to study informatics or a great complex system, or a system which will be complicated to install on a Linux Laptop.

So I hope anybody cam give me a right suggestion.

In love to OpenMusic


Dear Creco,

Thank you very much for your interest and expressed enthusiasm.
I suggest if you want to share and maintain some code to use the git revision system on gituhub here:

You will have at first to get some basic notions, but it’s worth it.
You can add, review, fix, etc… code or patches.


Dear haddad,

Thank you too.
At Github I have think at first.
But I have some trouble to get my Patches in the GitHub System.
So I would need a little explainlesly to get my Work to it.
So here is a first try to do it:

So can anybody check is this repository in the right order to work

A little not brave


Dear @creco,

This website (forum.ircam.fr) is the place you are looking for.
It has been actually designed to upload your patches in an easy way, to share them and to discuss about it with other users. All you have to do is to click on the “+ Create” and create a project. You will be able to upload your patch as a zip, or to use the forum git-lab that is exactly the same as github. Github is complex and might not be easy for non-developers, that’s why we made this website, to make your sharing easy and “hide” complex git-operations.

Give it a try and you will see that it has been designed for you.


Dear beller

This website is exactly the place I’m looking for.



Just, I have testing the recommended System - to publish the patches - and have played around a little bit with it
And I found it will be the greatest System to do my Hobby.
And I hope I have not doing to make to much Chaos in your System IRCAM.
But I not really Understand how to publish my Patches as them selfs.
So I found the Page to create a Release, but should I do give the Whole Workspace to it ???

on your repository !

have a look at : https://git.forum.ircam.fr/

Ok, this is fine.
But I have a Problem of Right Understanding:
I have played with OpenMusic.
And I have found that my Work is well essayer to do with Patches and Under-patches.
So my Workspace is a little bit more then a single File.
I can send you a picture from the Screen of my Laptop to explain.
So I think I must upload my full Workspace – Or Not ???
So I see there are much more in the Workspace then the files directly to my Patches – Is there anybody else what is directly Corresponded to my Patches.
So I have tried to rename my Workspace easely by rename the Folder of my Workspace - So even when this is off-topic at this Moment — In which way I can rename a Workspace — And Is this Problem is not getting on when I try to zip the whole Workspace and upload the resulting Zip-File

Hi @creco,

you can upload whatever files/folders you want, there are NO restrictions. Simply make a dmg or a zip files and upload it. Then describe what it is in the ReadME so as people know what to expect in downloading your zip. You can also use the git-mode but it is a bit more complicated and you need a git-client and/or do some command line to upload everything.

I will start by simply releasing a zip of your OM-workspace.

Hope this helps,

I think it’s better to zip everything…

So I will compress my actual Workspace to a Zip File.
And upload this resulting File.

So I think it’s Off-Topic but:
Can I rename a Workspace.
I’m a silly person:
So I have built my Patch with a incorrect Name.
It’s the Name: VersucheZurJazzHarmonic
(This is a German Title and would be better the Title of a whole Book out of the Library of the University of Essen/Duisburg)
And Should better Named: MelodyConstructor.
( This is what the (master) Patch would do ).
So my Problem is to rename the Title of the Workspace.

My first try where to rename esay the Folder. But then the IDE would not be ready to find the under-Patches

In a little stupid Situation


After rename the folder (WSPC) by finder, delete your preferences.lisp file, just an idea…not sure to understand well