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Function to iterate eval1/or?

Hello again,

In order to successfully append the +400 interval to the (0 3) it has to be done in eval1 mode… otherwise that element of the chain is re-evaluated from another nth integer… can anyone suggest a way to successfully coordinate a process of creating chords to designated designs… with greatest of thanks

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Hi Flartec. I think i’d simplify the patch a bit, staying away from the various x->dx and group-list etc.

Seems to me the design you’re after is a (0 300 (0 300 700)) sequence from a randomly selected base note.

What I can’t read from your question is whether you want that base note to stay the same for 120 iterations, or change (randomly) along the way.

You can put the thing you want to be ‘eval-1’-ed inside a sub-patch, making it output a new value every time the sub-patch is being called (120 times in your example).

Attached is a patched to play with.iterate eval-1-or.omp (26.5 KB)

Thank you Anders, am just coming back to all of this… thank you so much for push in right direction, looking fwd to more involvement, very best wishes Brockie