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_FullSOL2020_release.zip - corrupt archive?

Hi there.

The current _FullSOL2020_release.zip seems to be corrupt, possibly due to a bug in apples standard Archive thing: linux - Zip files corrupt over 4 gigabytes - No warnings or errors - Did I lose my data? - Stack Overflow

Heres the output from unzip on my Linux-box:

unzip _FullSOL2020_release.zip
Archive: _FullSOL2020_release.zip
warning [_FullSOL2020_release.zip]: 12884901888 extra bytes at beginning or within zipfile
(attempting to process anyway)
file #1: bad zipfile offset (local header sig): 12884901888
(attempting to re-compensate)
error: invalid zip file with overlapped components (possible zip bomb)

(hacky workaround, seems to be working: java -jar zip-fileā€¦)

Yes indeed!
It stinks and a lot of waste of time!
Could someone do something about it PLEASE!

Thank you in advance.

Solution (but it stinks!):

Unzip the archive on a mac, and copy it on an extfat volume, Then copy it again on your ext4 volume.

Sorry not so elegant and time consuming.