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FTM videos

There used to be some very fine videos of Diemo teaching ftm on a BEK course a while back. Does anyone have access to them nowadays or know where I might find them?



is a broken link (Videos from the workshop):

thus you could ask at bek if they are still hosting the files and if they would repair the link e.g…

@nickbrown @schwarz

late reply but I’ve recently found a backup of the BEK course with patches thus if it is desired and allowed and needed because there is e.g. no backup? I could share. It’s about 2.4GB.

to host/link the files here:



would make sense.

That’s exciting news. It was a superb introduction to FTM and could prove valuable to a much wider audience. If that proves difficult - hosting it on the site, I mean - I would at least be grateful if you could contact me direct maybe??

Please send to me a link in PM and we will make it available on this pages…

Thanks for sharing

Diemo @schwarz did a workshop in 2007/2008, the course material was excellent, even if was for Max 4. it still work…a was a nice long story… Bye FTM…

it was a great moment, I hope Diemo has kept this. I’ve the paper version… I’m a lucky guy…



please tell me if you’ve successfully downloaded the patches and .mov files because I’ll close the server afterwards. best, j.

Hi everybody.

we will try to host this material on the forum website.
Will keep you post.