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FTM release 2.7.5

Hi all,

there’s a new FTM release 2.7.5 on the FTM Forum project for Mac and Windows that mainly fixes compatibility with Max >= 8.1.6 and Catalina.
Release Notes are below.

Best regards…
…Diemo and Riccardo

RELEASE NOTES FTM.2.7.5.BETA (09/04/2021)

  • codesigned and notarized MacOS release


  • allow loading of Spear SDIF files
  • fix in ftm.sdif.info
  • other minor bug fixes


  • adapt to changes in audio data structures from Max 8.1.6 on Mac
  • fixed crash in gabor.psolastic example, related to ftm.record
  • protect from rare case of extreme system load

Yeah, super. Thanks a lot.