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Ftm.editor external corrupt in windows version

Hi, the ftm.editor external seems to be corrupt in the version that is on the forum. Replacing it with the older version of the editor make it show up (it won’t even load with the new version) but some of the stability errors with MAX8 return.

The newest version for MACOSX works perfect for now it seems. Some of the editor issues seem to have been solved.
There is an issue with ftm.message where the message box is smaller than the text making the text disappear to the next line when you are editing, which is sort of annoying.

Thanks though for still making it possible to keep using FTM in new versions of MAX. I couldn’t live without it…

Best, Hans.

Hi Hans,
I can’t reproduce the crash. All seems to work here (Windows 10 with Max 8.1.6). Maybe it’s a problem related to the fact that this release is compiled with VisualStudio 2019. Can you try to install the related RedistributablePackage?
I believe you can download it from here:

Tell us if this solves the problem

All seems to work here, too (Windows 10 with Max 8.1.5 and VS2019, RedistributablePackages installed).

Ah, missed this, I will try. I am still at 8.1.5 after Diemo’s warning, Or is that only for MAC?

I don’t know…

It would actually be helpful if someone could please try this out on MS-Windows:
Does gbr.ola~ still work with Max >= 8.1.8?

Last time I checked, about four weeks ago, it did not work with Max 8.1.8. Still on 8.1.5 myself…

You are on Windows now, Chris?

not at all! Apologies… I can only speak for the Mac build.

I’ve seen this shortly after I’ve posted this:

just to update this thread.

with FTM 2.7.5 gbr.ola~ ist working fine with Max 8.1.10 on WIN 10.