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FTM and M1 chip?


I am not there yet, but for the planning of the future of my system I was wondering whether FTM will be made available for the M1 chip at some point in time?

I still haven’t found a system with an equally powerful message box, (nested) named data sets and overall ease of use for data manipulation in a complex system, so I hope FTM will stick around…

Best, Hans.

Hi Hans,

I feared that question would come up one day…

I had already a quick try to recompile FTM for M1, but it didn’t work immediately. I think time is better spent on identifying your use cases and seeing how they could work with mubu/js/gen.

For instance, I had a look at (message domain) gen, and it can do multiple inlets and outlets, for loops, etc., and it evaluates code compiled on the fly, much more efficient than ftm.mess.
OTOH, the Mubu javascript bindings can do complex non-time critical data manipulation.


Hi Diemo!!

That does not bode well for FTM it seems…?

How about an alternative for nested data collections? Bach can sort of do it, but I really like the clear interface of a fmat in a mat in a dictionary in a dictionary etcetera possibility.

Will MuBu get a pipo.harms feature in the future? That is one of the gabor features that works well for me.

I will start going the gen route for some of my code already. Thanks for the advices.

Best, Hans.