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FTM 2.8.1 for Mac Intel and M1, and Windows

Hi, we finally did a final FTM version 2.8.1 for Mac Intel and M1, and Windows. It finally even fixes the final(?) remaining known bug…
Finally yours…


Hi Diemo,

Thank you for maintaining FTM, I still use it, it seems to work well with arm64, ventura



Hi Diemo,

Thanks for maintaining this gem, FTM is by far my favourite Max package :slight_smile:

I’ve just downloaded the package but Max doesn’t seem to be able to load the ftm.mess external

Error 126 loading external ftm.mess

Any ideas why?

Max 8.5.4, FTM 2.8.1, Windows 10


Hi Eugene,
try to install the visual C++ redistributable package (2019).
Let us know if it solves your problem.


Hey Riccardo,

Doesn’t seem to work. I downloaded the package from Latest supported Visual C++ Redistributable downloads | Microsoft Learn

Any ideas?

I actually have the same error message and I am running windows under parallels. Is FTM for windows ARM enabled?