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Fog~ external for Max 8.3

Hi, I have an old patch from 2008 that uses the external fog~ and I now need to update the project to a new Apple M1 machine.
The fog~ I have is from March 15, 2007 and understandably refuses to load on Max 8.3: “fog~: could not load due to incorrect architecture”.
Unfortunately there is no fog~ external in the MaxSoundBox package, is there a newer fog~ version available somewhere?
Merci, Roby

Hi Roby,
first of all, where did you get the 2007 version of fog~ from?
An immediate workaround for the time being might be to run Max under Rosetta.
Best, Diemo

Hi Diemo,

This is long time ago, but I guess I got it from the Ircam Forum, together with all the other nice stuff.

Running Max in Rosetta does not solve the problem: fog~: could not load due to incorrect architecture
This is probably due to 32bit/64bit conflict.
Any solutions to this, other than using an older machine?


Hi Roby,

luckily we did find the sources for fog and fofb and could port them to Max 64bit arch and audio, fixing an off-by-one bug on the way. We’ll send it to you privately for thorough testing (especially with multiple outlets) before including it into a new release of MaxSoundBox.


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Hi Diemo,
This is great news, many thanks for this!
Best regards,

hi diemo,
i’m also searching for a 64bit arch fog~ port since years,
would be super-awsome if you would send it to me too,
and i could join the beta-testing!
regards, daniel