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First release of Dicy2 for Live!

Dicy2 for Live is an Ableton Live plugin using machine-learning for the interactive generation of sequences in musical relation with the real-time analysis of an incoming audio stream. It can be integrated into musical situations ranging from the production of structured material within a compositional process to the design of autonomous agents for improvised interaction.

Dicy2 integrates scientific and musical research results accumulated through productions and experiments with Rémi Fox, Steve Lehman, the Orchestre National de Jazz, Alexandros Markeas, Pascal Dusapin, Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains, Vir Andres Hera, Gaëtan Robillard, Benoît Delbecq, Jozef Dumoulin, Ashley Slater, Hervé Sellin, Rodolphe Burger, Marta Gentilucci… After having evolved research prototypes crystallizing the contributions of these various projects for several years, a collaborative work carried out during the year 2022 has led to the finalization of a release of Dicy2 as a plugin for Ableton Live and a package for Max.

This distribution includes agents and sound files from past productions with our friends and collaborating musicians and composers who helped bring Dicy2 to life (courtesy of the artists).

Designing Dicy2 music generation tools through artistic collaborations

Feel free to create a new thread or message on the Forum, have any questions, or need further information or share your projects using Dicy2!



Hi Jerome,

I was trying to download the Live app but it looks like there is an issue with the link, because I am able to
download only the manual in pdf. The link to the Max Package is dead (or gone) as well.


Federico Placidi

Hi @federicoplacidi,
(cc @muller, @beller :slight_smile: )

You are right thank you ! The Download button for “Dicy2 for Live” was linked to the doc, but it is now fixed !

Regarding “Dicy2 for Max” the link is not broken but not already public since… it will be released in few hours !



Okay, my bad !

Everything is OK now.
I did the right thing but the validation somehow fails…
Sorry for the inconvenience…

BTW, you can always check in the “Release” panel of a project and access everything that is downloadable. Especially old versions or docs or other data related to the project…

Have fun!

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are the tutorials due to be released? noticed no links in as yet

the library for max also throws a dead link for now

Hi !
(cc @muller, @beller :slight_smile: )
Thank you for your message ! Same answer as above: the links are not yet public since the Max library is coming very soon, and the video tutorials in the coming days !




Thanks Jerome,

I presume I should be able to use the live device inside Max in the meanwhile (waiting for the Max Package as well).

Many thanks to everyone there.

Federico Placidi

thanks for the confirmation @jnika excited to see the details

seems pretty cool.
looking forward to play with it,


(cc @muller @borg @beller)

I forgot to write it here but

5 more general and practical tutorial videos on Dicy2 for Max will be published progressively on the Ircam Youtube channel and will be listed here: https://forum.ircam.fr/article/detail/dicy2-tutorials/