FIRST Peaks extraction: Diract delta extraction from wav in OPENMUSIC


Have anybody a subpatch for extracting the delta information from a WAV FILE?

I am thinking in rythm purposes



Hello — can you be more specific ?
Do you want to get the difference between every successive audio samples in a wav file ?


Thanks bresson, I would like to get just the mark of the location of the picks of a wav composed of many sounds with many attacks. In mathematic that should be like a spike that indicates, the time from zero, pitch and maybe intensity not the decay, sustain or attack for each wave that compose the wav file.

any idea? I think that the vocoder is more or less like that but not really.


The only way I can think of to extract the peaks from an audio file in OM is with the transient-detection function from the OM-SuperVP library.
Here is the documentation from AudioSculpt (OM-SuperVP performs soud analyses with AudioSculpts’s supervp kernel):


thanks. let me explore that.