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Finding a 2D path according to ... segment criteria?

Hi there, I think this is a meta question (in the sense of it can drive to more questions probably)

A buffer, a process, a 2D maps showing for instance frequency mean & loudness as x/y.
I size the segments visualization according to duration, for instance.

I’d like to find the “linear” path from the greater duration to the smaller.
Or I want to find the looped path of all segment duration between this and that value.

If I understand the way of sorting lists and getting then, etc, I don’t understand where I could do that. I use the camu.select abstraction (I tweaked it a bit) and would it be inside of it ?

I can already to that visually (and record path by drawing and replay them) but algorithmically could be very very interesting.

If something like this exist somewhere, I’d be happy to dig it.

Great idea (as always)! There are two ways to do this:

  1. use a 1D selection on duration (but then the timing is irregular when you do a linear sweep):
    send columns Duration and select $1 to mubu.knn

  2. mubu.model corpus order makes a new track with indices of the frames (markers) sorted by descriptor value

happy digging!

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hi @schwarz , and thanks again (and thanks for the “as always” mention :slight_smile: )

Just subscribed to premium and get the max for live version.
Very interesting. VERY.

As you may know/have understood, I started a whole project with that, on max side only (no m4l)

The m4l way would help/gives me a nice way of use, fitting the idea of “polyphony” with these voices, solo. Could be a solution for my creation project, actually.

I’d have some requests features, or maybe suggestions, or maybe I could implement them by myself.

If you’re up to discuss/share ideas, how would you prefer to proceed ?

Here is a short list:

  • I miss the duration as a criteria for sorting the segments on the 2D map. Progressively playing segments more and more long for instance is something I often use in music composition. Like if the time itself was contaminating the piece.
  • The circle for triggering neighbors is sometime an ellipse. That’s not a big deal but can be confusing

I got a couple of others.
And some questions.

Maybe I should post elsewhere for that.

Best regards,

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I wish to your piece the otherway round :wink:

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