Feature request for onsets

hello all,
I haven’t seen a feature request in this list, but I’ll try risking to be unappropiate. my excuses if it’s the case.
I know that asking for something that seems pretty straightforward it might be a nightmare or definitely not possible. but my intuition is that this could work.
if in a chord-seq or multi one can edit almost any parameter of an event, might it be possible to have the onset data available for edit?. let’s say, a little window in which you may specify the onset of a note?. that would be tremendously helpful. now that I’ve said so, I realise that that was probably addressed by developers, and if it’s not there, they surely have their reasons. but anyway, I already wrote this message and will leave it open to discussion if it’s worth.
thank you all,

Not at all. I guess this is also what this group is here for.

You can edit the actual offset of a note (relative to its containing chord) by just selecting the onset option on the little menu at the bottom of the editor. But you are right there is no way to enter the onset of the chord itself like this (only with the keyboard’s L/R arrows). That makes your feature request valid :slight_smile:

thanks mr bresson for your reply. just adding an onset entry in the menu along the other parameters would be more than enough. I asked because being the onsets a simple list I thought it might be a rather straightforward task. but my programming skills are just incipient. and it’s often easy to say what to do instead of how to do it. sorry, my fault.
to complicate matters a bit further, I was thinking about something I usually do outside the editors: as everything are lists… why not report the nth-index of the selected parameter value just side by side?
too much? I guess I’m asking for trouble…
thanks again,
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…trouble… you’ve come to the right place… Really, i guess none of us came here searching for a simple life :slight_smile:

For the ‘onset’ editor, I’ll attach some code you can test. Just put the file in your user-folder in your workspace, and report back. If this works i’ll put it in the main sources:

onset-slot-edit.lisp (4.3 KB)


I’m sorry, don’t quite understand what you want to achieve here. Could you try to explain with some examples perhaps?

edit: the patch is working as expected. thank you very much indeed!!
I’m still on 6.12/h-sierra, so maybe others might test it to be sure.
a million thanks again, it’s a little change but a huge leap in my workflow.

yes, sorry, my English is not the best. I’ll try again: given that parameters are lists (or lists of lists) I think it would be very handy to have the position of a particular value in that list. example: you select a ‘chord’ in a chord-seq. you can see its midicent value. as this is one element of a list, you would see its position in that list, which is very good to know when you get that list from other generative patch. I tend to use some pitch-sequences which at times have a high degree of self-similarity features. and would be interesting to know which of all those repetitions you are looking at. and when working with a great amount of data, is definitely helpful. I hope i made myself clear this time, if not I’ll try again.
thank you for it Anders!

Hi perti.

These are all great suggesitions and requests! I think the right thing is to support what you ask for in om7, unless it’s fixing bugs or simple additions.

I’ll update the om6-code with a slightly modified version of the ‘onset’ addition however.


thank you Anders! om-users are surely proud of our developers.
and yes, I’ll be waiting for om7
best regards,

Hi Perti. I’ve included your suggested feature about the direct ‘onset’ editing in the OM6 sources.

If you want to use it without upgrading, the version i sent you previously had a bug in it, making OM crash if used together with the wrong tool. A fixed version is attached:
onset-slot-edit.lisp (4.4 KB)

thank you so much Anders. so far the bug hasn’t bitten me yet.
is not that I don’t want to upgrade but need to finish an ongoing project I’m involved in. of course I’ll do it for a new project.
and thanks again!,
best regards,


=> you can already play and test a beta here: https://github.com/openmusic-project/om7/releases

hello anders,
it seems that its not working properly. sometimes when I select a chord, then change the menu to ‘onset’, it stays showing a 0 and refuses to update any value. I couldn’t replicate this behaviour consistently. reopening om makes this go away but it can return at any moment. I’ll try to determine these conditions and report back.
thanks again anders,

Yes, please report back when you’ve got a consistently reproducible minimal test-case.