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Failed to converting mid/xml file to antescofo format

hi. could someone let me know how can I use Antescofo converter properly? I keep failed to converting my .mid or .xml file exported from my MuseScore to Antescofo format, with the error message like:

“Sorry we couldn’t process the file: test.mid type: audio/mid size: 200 Bytes”

I tried to separate parts into each single mid/xml files but it keeps failing

Prefer using MusicXML to MIDI!
Unfortunately MusicXML, despite being a standard, is not always being encoded properly by external software! If you could share your file I can have a Quick Look.
The converter has been largely tested on output from Finale and Sibelius and MusicXML should be Part-wise.

test.mid (307 Bytes)
test.mxl (2.4 KB)

dear Arshia. thank you for the reply! sorry to forgot to upload the files.
here’s the mid and xml file from the same software (MuseScore 4). please let me know how would you think these. hope it could help!

@shy8500 Find attached the result when I pass the MXL into the AntescofoImporter App. Is there any problem?
test.asco.txt (2.8 KB)

oh, I tested with this link https://antescofo-converter.ircam.fr/ is there any other converter?

I think I found another importer app but could you let me know how can I use this? I downloaded the master files from here but have no idea how to use this.

That’s what I used to convert your file! It’s the source code and you’d need to compile it to an App! Might be overkill for you.

@giavitto @beller : any chance you can update the Antescofo Importer web service to the latest version? I don’t have access since I am no longer at Ircam. That would be the best solution!

Otherwise I will try to build and package the Antescofo importer app and make a release for Mac from GitHub! But I need to find some time to clean/update the App… .