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Extracting information from MIDI file

Hello! I’m back with another beginner question, I apologize for spamming this forum.
I generated the table below using a software from my University. I have two questions:

  1. How can I extract this information from the MIDI file in OpenMusic, and collect it into either a matrix of this type, or in lists?
  2. Is it possible to extract the same information from MusicXml files?

Thank you so much in advance!



No worry. The discussions are made for this. And your questions are not off topic. No need to apologize :slight_smile:

  1. It depends on the file format of your table. If it is a binary file it will be really difficult to import. See in your application, if there is some save options. TXT would be fine. Better send your file.
    By the way if it is some info from a MIDIFILE, why don’t you load it in om with the MIDIFILE object, and moslty all these information will be available in OM. Have a look at the midi ttutorials. YOu can access them from the Help menu.

  2. You don’t need in principle to extract directly info from a Musicxml file. Once it is imported in OM, you have mostly all these infos.