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Exporting sound analysis to text file

Hi there, I’m using MuBu for analyzing some sound descriptors offline.
It works quite fine.

For instance, usig PiPo psy processing, I got 4 graphs:
frequency, energy, ac1 and voiced.

First question: how can I export only one graphs as text file ?

Second question, how can I find the time stamp ?
I mean: there is a sampling rate “somewhere”. What is the time between two values in my graphs ?

Any help would be very appreciated.


Hi again,

two ways for Q1:

  1. send get without index to

    mubu.track container trackname @matrixcol energy

    to get a list of timestamp, value pairs, then mangle and save this list, or append to a new track. This could hit the Max list limit.

  2. Smarter: use pipo.select:

    mubu.process container psytrack select @name out @select.columns 1 @timetagged yes

    then export track “out”.

Q2: gettime or get messages to mubu.track