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Exporting MIDI fro CHORD-SEQ

Hello colleagues,
it looks like that exporting a MIDI file from CHORD-SEQ results in a file with a fixed tempo of 60, which of course won’t match the real tempo most of the time. How do you specify the MIDI tempo in OM while exporting a CHORD-SEQ? Thanks!
Basically every time I go from OM to Ableton via MIDI the resulting file never lines up with the project tempo. Do you have any experience in exporting OM MIDI to any DAW? (Reaper seems to do the same, and Pro Tools too…)

Dear Ratox,

This is because a chord-seq doesn’t have a particular tempo. It is based on 60. However using voice also will not export tempo-map changes into midi unfortunately (for the time being):

However, we can see what we can do in the future release… :slight_smile:

thanks, you great man!