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Export etf to Finale with OM 7.0

I export etf files from OM to Finale.
Even though this has not been supported by Finale for a long time, it still works ok - with some corrections.
I just switched from OM 6.13 to 7.0 and noticed that the save-as-etf function no longer works or gives an error message (for voice and poly objects).
Maybe this was already a problem in earlier versions?
Can this be solved?
All best, Arnulf

Dear Arnulf,

Yes indeed. It doesn’t work since the portage to LW8. Now it is fixed!
Please do put this file in your init folder in OM 7.0.app

  1. right-click and choose Show Package Contents
  2. Open the folder Contents (the init folder is just inside
    relaunch Om

Here is the file:
etf.lisp (48.1 KB)


Dear Karim,

thank you so much. I’ve tried it immediately and it seems to work!

All best, Arnulf