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Errors with OM-Chant library

Hi All,

I am on OM 6.12, OsX 10.8.5, and OM-Chant 2.2.
At opening OpenMusic OM Listener says to me that OM-Chant is loaded (it is already checked in Preferences).
But in using the patches of tutorials I receive two types of errors.
An error is relative to enclosed screenshot, obtained evaluating tutorial number 4.
Another error is showed in OM Listener:

OM > “CHANT not found !!”

when I try to evaluate the final sound in tutorial number 4, without result.
Similar errors happens in analogous tutorials.

I have tried to update the library and to erase OM 6.12 preferences, but nothing change. The same happens using OM 6.9.
Libraries are on my home directory, so I have all access privileges.

Thank you in advance for help, ciao




Always me…
A little update: I have resolved something setting again the path to chant external in OM preferences.
Now the error reported in precedent post and screenshot remain only evaluating function write-chant-sdif-file in 2nd and 3rd tutorial of om-chant library. Other tutorial seem to correctly run.



Hi Fabio, sorry for the little bug with tuts 2&3. I’ve just updated the OM-Chant 2.2 download.
Should be ok now.

Hi Jean,

Not problem at all, thank you for fast reply and resolution: I have downloaded and substituted the library, it’s all perfect, thank you very much.