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Error playing sound in 10.14.5

Dear friends,

I report the error message of “error playing sound” by evaluate all the patch with a play function.

My system is 10.14.5, and I have checked all the version from 3.4.4 to 3.5.1. They all have the same error.

If you have an Idea how I could make a mistake, please tell me then. Thank you in advance for your help!

Jialin Liu

Hi Jailin,

It is most likely that this error be fixed in the latest release. Could you please retest and let me know?
it the problem persists, would you be kind enough to post an example as an attachment?


Hi Jailin,

I suspect this is linked to 10.14 and I am looking in to it. Meanwhile, you can save the synthesis as AIFF, so we’re kind of safe!
Thank for your patience.


Good morning Robert and Jialin,

I have been experiencing the same problem and discussed this also directly with Jialin, since I was not able to find a solution. I have 10.14.6 version and tried uninstalling and reinstalling it multiple times. Initially I was also receiving an installation error, which seems to have disappeared now, by uninstalling the previous version first. But I still receive the play error message.

Perhaps it is totally unrelated, but in other computers, where it worked perfectly, I saw that together with this latest version there was also an authorisation key in the package content (despite the fact that in the release notes it’s said that it’s not needed). Could that be the issue?

I would appreciate any help or insight on this matter.

Thanks in advance,



Are you sure that Modalys is allowed to use the microphone in the system ?

Check it in System Preferences/Security then Confidentiality tab and Microphone on the left (see screen capture).

All the best !


Dear Jean, Dear Robert, Dear Claudia,

Thank you for your progress with this issue and hope all goes well with you!
This error issue happens on my computer until now, I used save-aiff to bypass this issue.

In my Microphone=>Confidentialité, there is no ModaLisp under the menu, I would like to know, is there maybe a way to add it manually into this list?

All the best,
Jialin Liu

Jean, thank you for this! It might be the issue. In the security preferences Modalys doesn’t even appear among the apps that require the access to the microphone. I am trying to figure out how to enable it in another way, but it’s really odd indeed.

Actually, Modalys asked the question about the microphone to the students on Friday… All the iMacs in the classroom are under 10.14.

@+ !


Hi there, and happy new year!

Updte on this issue: I think I solve it, and as far as I know, it shows up on relatively recent macs only.
A patch will be available soon!

Thanks for your patience,

Happy new year! That sounds great! Thank you for the work and looking forward to the new release!