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Error message with libraries

Good morning, odds things are happening. From a few days when I launch OM I get the following message:

Several versions of library RepMus are installed and currently visible in OM.

Please choose one of the following and remove the other one(s) from the OM registered search paths:

/Applications/OM 6.10/libraries/RepMus/

/Applications/OM 6.10/libraries/RepMus/

/Applications/OM 6.10/libraries/RepMus/

But in the directory I found only RepMus folder. I even tried to reinstall OM, but it didn’t work. The same message states that there are several copies of Esquisse, but in the directory there is only one.

Any suggestion?


Please be sure to use the latest OM version : 7.1
version 6.10 is out out out outdated.

thank you