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Error message "Attributes must be atomic value"

Hi guys, my name is Marco,

i’ve just installed OpenMusic 6.20 on my PC (WIndows 10), i’m doing some tutorial but i’m getting trouble with a simple excercise.

When i make a list in a parentesys attached at an object “note” to creating a chords the “listenser” windows says “error NOTE attributes must be atomic value (not list)”

Can someone help me? Thanx!

Hi defc0n

Yes, of course, this means that a NOTE is a note, and not a CHORD. so, it takes an atom (simple integer midicent and not a list). If you need a chord, you should use instead the CHORD object. Please go through the om tutorials maybe this should make it clearer to you.

I’ve missed that part, now is more clear!

Thanks for the answer!