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Error for higher values of `transCenterOffset`


I run into an error when setting the value for transCenterOffset <= 0.5 with the default score.
I use ISiS 1.2.9.

The python traceback is:

/home/uummoo/bin/ISiS/ISiS::received exception::No module named 'IPython' Traceback (most recent call last): File "Chant/singing_engine/isis.py", line 520, in main File "Chant/singing_engine/isis.py", line 76, in sing_main File "Chant/singing_engine/control/controlModel.py", line 159, in run_control_model File "Chant/singing_engine/control/f0/f0Manager.py", line 1088, in get_f0_curve File "Chant/singing_engine/control/f0/buildParamsXml.py", line 582, in build_f0_description File "Chant/singing_engine/control/f0/buildParamsXml.py", line 488, in adjust_f0_params ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'IPython'

(I can’t upload the full stdout yet, due to new user restrictions).

Best, Levin

Hi @uummoo,

I just gave you a user confidence level and you should be able to post the full stdout again.
Thanks for the BTW report, please also send the score and command line to make it complete.
And thanks also for this excellent question posted on the other thread…
Feel free to post what you have produced with ISiS as well!




thanks Greg, yes for fixing this (or any other bug) I will need the score file and the command line to reproduce it. Ideally you produce a minimal example to reproduce the problem. If you don’t want to share it here I can set up a dedicated upload folder readable only by me.

However, I wont be able to look into this before the next week, sorry for the delay.

Hi there !

I’ve tweaked the defsong transCenterOffset parameter, in the configstyle file, and it seems that its range goes from -2.1 to 0.41. I reckon it’s in milliseconds as it is a transition parameter in the defaultF0Params.



Ah, I had a short look into what the transCenterOffset parameter does. It shifts the center of the note transition with respect to the exact midi note position. I cannot dig into this further now but as far as I see the error is triggered with the center falls outside of the transition duration, which (and here I am not 100% sure) is probably selected by the parameters leftPartLen and rightPartLen in the same section. Now it may well be that then these Part lengths will be modulated as a function of the context notably the consonants that are present during the transition. The error messge indicates that the transCenterOffset is outside the total segment that has been assigned for the transition.

So very likely there is no bug here, it is just that you need to limit the transCenterOffset suc that it is smaller than all transitions that will be generated for your score. You should be able to find these from the XML file, which brings us back to the other thread, and the question of the XML generation without sound :-(.

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thanks everyone for the quick and informative reply! It’s here now and anyone running into it can search for it, but maybe a dedicated exception message would be nice (so that it is not an issue of a missing module but simply of a bad input value by the user) :slight_smile: [but of course, I understand, this is a question of available resources/time].

Although it seems that the issue is already mostly understood, for the sake of completeness I’ll put the respective files here:

This is the complete stdout:
isis-bug-stdout.txt (15.5 KB)

This is the used config style file (change at line 47 from default value):
default.configStyle.cfg (4.1 KB)

This is the used config synth file (simply default file without any changes):
default.configSynth.cfg (7.8 KB)

This is the used score (default score in v1.2.9):
default.score.cfg (1.5 KB)

Best, Levin

In fact the error message is not really an error message but a left over debug entry where I once wanted to stop whenever this problem occurs (I probably had this problem at some time in an unfinished version of the code). Sorry for this.

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