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Error at startup on win10


i’m sure i’ve already seen about this error but couldn’t find any reference.

error: unable to load any of the alternatives

and then the path to libsamplerate-0.dll

this is on win10, om-sharp 1.4
has this been already addressed?
thanks in advance,

Hi Perti,
What is the path to libsamplerate-0.dll ? Is the dll actually there ?

yes the file is there in C:\Program Files (x86)\om-sharp on an intel i5 pc.
why is om-sharp not finding it?
btw, i tried installing on an amd ryzen 5 machine and om-sharp launches flawlessly.
thanks again,

ok, i was having a similar problem with om6.19, not finding sdif.dll at startup. apparently is a problem with the compilation. being this a rather old i5, it seems it’s needed a new compilation. as i’ll be using this pc just for a couple of months i think it´s not worth the effort of recompiling. i can still use my mac.
thanks anyway,

ok :thinking:
well, let us know if you get it to work eventually.
The libsamplerate dll can probably be found online as well. You can also try to just download and replace the one that was installed with OM#.

The official repository for libsamplerate is GitHub - libsndfile/libsamplerate: An audio Sample Rate Conversion library

… and here is the latest release: