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Error 1114 loading external (windows)

Dear Spat5 Users,

I am trying to get spat to work on windows 10. I have installed the windows visual distribution c++ 2017 package, and have moved the dependencies to the max installation folder.

Now I get a new error: Error 1114 loading external

Does anybody have any idea how to fix this?

Many thanks, Marijn.


Unfortunately I don’t know what error 1114 is.
Does this affect all externals ? Or only some of them ?

You need to install the Windows Visual C++ 2019 redistribuable. (although I’m not sure if there is still a difference between 2017 and 2019…)

Further information is available here. In particular you need a CPU with AVX support.
I hope this will be helpful to you…


Hi Tcarpent,

The error pops up with all spat objects. Other max objects work fine. The is caused by a DLL file refusing to load. I found out it has something to do with my video card. It is a common Graphics card error that occurs with older video cards. The Windows machine I tried to run spat on was very old (2008). I think I will have more succes on a modern windows machine.

I think AVX support is the bottleneck.

Oh yes, I think I have seen that graphic card issue before… (I don’t remember if there’s a workaround though). 2008 is probably too old to run spat5, I’m afraid. Please try with newer hardware.

You can check AVX feature compatibility as described here :
On Windows, download and install the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool to run a diagnostic for your hardware. In the “CPU Features” tab, check if your processor has “AVX Support”.


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