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Erratic behavior in default values

Hello, first of all, I want to thank you for the great software you made available for us. I would like to report a strange behavior in default values for the parameters. In the file I’m sharing with you, the only paremeter that shows the correct initial value is the one for the distance. The others with default values different from 0, starts at 0, no matter wich value I put as default. The file I made it is a little strange because I’m planning to use both coordinate systems (cartesian and polar), the idea is to control wich one to use with the first variable (“Cartesian”), I hope I get my way to program it. However the same behavior it’s seen with the default xml file provide by you. I’m using Reaper.
No big deal, but may be for the next version of Oscar you can sort it out.
Thank you for your time,

PS: I cannot upload files for being a new user. This is the text:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<oscar version="1.2.2">
<parameter index="1" name="Cartesian" pattern="/source/$1/cartesian" min="0" max="1" default="0"/>
<parameter index="2" name="Azimuth" pattern="/source/$1/azim" min="-180" max="179" default="0"/>
<parameter index="3" name="Elevation" pattern="/source/$1/elev" min="-90" max="90" default="0"/>
<parameter index="4" name="Distance" pattern="/source/$1/dist" min="1" max="100" default="1"/>
<parameter index="5" name="x" pattern="/source/$1/x" min="-50" max="50" default="0"/>
<parameter index="6" name="y" pattern="/source/$1/y" min="-50" max="50" default="1"/>
<parameter index="7" name="z" pattern="/source/$1/z" min="-50" max="50" default="0"/>
<parameter index="8" name="Presence" pattern="/source/$1/pres" min="0" max="120" default="90"/>
<parameter index="9" name="Brillance" pattern="/source/$1/bril" min="0" max="60" default="30"/>
<parameter index="10" name="Warm" pattern="/source/$1/warm" min="0" max="60" default="30"/>  


Thanks for the report.
Exactly the same issue was reported by @smalllotus a couple of weeks ago.

One remark : automating both aed and xyz is technically possible, but this might generate issues on the “client side” (whichever application is receiving your OSC data).

I had a quick look at the “default values” bug. I acknowledge some possibly weird behavior, at least when using Reaper. However I couldn’t figure out a solution at the moment.
I’ll give it another try, and let you know if I can fix it (or if maybe this is a Reaper issue ??)


Thank you Thibaut for your answer. It would be nice if you can fix it; anyway, is a minor bug. Let you know if it get fixed after a Reaper update.

PS: I’m planning to use Spat5 for Max, filtering the incoming messages and converting coordinates of outcoming ones if needed. I haven’t faced that task yet, but I guess it can be done with standard max/spat tools (maybe a little messy if I implement it by source basis, but it would be a nice feature).