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Empty SDIF with tutorial 07…

Hi Karim,

When I evaluate the last sdiffile of this patch : the last SDIFFILE is empty

07-sdif-write-1.omp (19,9 Ko)

I have a strange messages in the listener :

Loading SDIF file : /Users/lotus/Desktop/reactive/out-files/test.sdif
OM => #<sdiffile 4020029303>

Hum… It is not supposed to write a file ?



the sdiffile is not empty. Check out XMAT par2:

I believe you should select this frame in order to see something in SDifEdit, although i am not sure about it since i don’tuse it.


Sorry I didn’t choose the right analysis, I can see the OM editor… It’s OK

I had a look, with theses infos, at SDIF-Edit, I choose the right analysis :

I knew it would be complicated those SDIF…… :slight_smile:

But it’s easy to alternate both viewer, by default it’s the OM one, if your load the library, you’ve got the SDIF Edit view… I continue to dig that…

Many thanks K



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Hi Karim, and everybody who use SDIF in OM,

I’ve find this page while I was looking for SDIF files :


But it’s almost too much… At this point, I just need a set of different SDIF files, in order of use the SDIF tutorials of OM. I’ve lost some files, and I think I had SDIF files. Does a set already exist ? @mmalt

Many thanks for brand new OM 6.17 !



And I was wrong… I do not manage to download any SDIF on this page…
@schwarz ?

Hi Jerome,

I don’t think you will have “demo” SDIF files to download. Just make some, using OMSuperVP and OmPm2. Use their tutorials. You will end up with a couple of different SDIF files.


Hi K,

I think you’re right and I will see that with AS and OM, then I would think about making my own set



i think it’s best. The reason is, that you can create your own format in SDIF. So SDIF types are not limited to a fixed set. :wink:


Hello Karim,

Looking at the help patches for OM_SuperVP and SDIF, I’ve generated about ten SDIF files… I can see everything with SDIF-Edit…

I generated an SDIF with AudioSculpt, it seems ok to import in OM without SDIF-Edit, because it crashes SDIF-Edit.

I can see the analysis, but I don’t know if is correct.
So, I’d like to ask you to look at this SDIF file…

Is 1TRC okay? I’ve seen another 1TRC and it works with SDIF-Edit

africa-trc.sdif (12,6 Ko)

Thank you in advance,



Dear Jerome,

Yes, your file seems legit…

However it starts at 2.68076. That’s why you have a gap at the beginning.

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Master K,

Wonderful screenshots ! All ok !

THX so much